Priority and Limited Registration

Priority period and Limited Registration periods have been established for holders of brands and trademarks registered at the national or regional level. The right to priority domain names registration is granted to trade mark holders to prevent the use of such domains by a third party for illegal purposes.

Procedure and conditions of application for priority registration are established by the Regulation of priority registration of domain names in .TATAR.
The Priority and Limited Registration in the gTLD.TATAR is to be launched in several consecutive steps:

  • for trade mark holders, registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (29 August, 2014 – 27 October, 2014),
  • for public organizations of Tatarstan Republic (5 November, 2014 – 25 November, 2014),
  • for a trade mark holders, who has registered in Russia, and also for media and non-profitable organizations (1 December, 2014 – 22 December, 2014)