Who needs a domain in .TATAR?

The TLD .TATAR is designated for a specific ethnic and language community known as the Tatars. The TLD is intended primarily for the Tatar-language and cultural community.

It is envisaged that its users will be representatives of the Tatar people, the Tatar-speaking community, as well as those who are interested in the history, culture, economy, etc. of Tatars, and users of mail systems and other services to be created with the use of future domain names in .TATAR, as they will identify themselves as the Tatars or appear related to them. Hence, the TLD is intended for use by a broad audience, including:

  • Residents of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Tatars residing in Russia and across the CIS;
  • Tatars overseas;
  • Academia, students, and other corporate and individual users interested in the Tatar language, history, etc.
  • Businesses, which produce goods and services specifically to satisfy the Tatars’ needs.

The above audiences should form both the registrant community and, partly, the end-user one, with most of the latter formed by ethnic Tatars and representatives of the Tatar-speaking community.

The gTLD also pursues an ambitious goal of reaching out to non-Tatar communities to have them explore the Republic of Tatarstan, its social, ethnic, historic, etc. background and business, cultural and linguistic opportunities, thus making the global audience its prospective end-users, too.